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red eye by ludovic besancon. quarter sized 116 pages .one dollar postage paid.

red eye is a short novella of sorts that's almost dreamlike in a way, even though it's about actual happenings. it starts off with him going to a protest, and the strangeness that goes on -- since the protesters are supposed to dress up like "capitalists". then it goes to him going to the "corporate party" after the protest and not being allowed through the door; perhaps because of appearance, not "radical looking enough". then he tries to go train hopping with a group of people but instead gives up, goes back home. ludovic also talks about visiting kurt cobain's house. what lies inside all these scenarios is a lot of actual feeling -- instead of romanticizing things, ludovic examines the realities and constraints of being apart of a group of politically active friends. he makes some really interesting points about art, and how it's $400 for a painting, yet he couldn't sell his zine for $40. a short sweet little read that wraps you up in his world.

s h u t. u p. d i r t
s n a k e
by ethan 1/4 size, 16 pages .twobucks postage paid.

i think ethan always gets the shaft when i talk about or advertise his comic here. or at least in this one he might (i'm on allergy meds and i have jet lag, yay!), but enough about me, what about shut up dirt snake? it's another fah-bu-lous comic from ethan, with weird street bum humor, a dad pulling out a rifle and even a cameo from our latest cute san-x friend tarepanda. besides, if you don't like any of the content, the cover is so cool that it's worth at least 2 bucks.
visit ethan's site! slimefactor.tripod.com

s n a k e s also by ethan. itty bitty size. green pages .fifty cents postage paid.

this is such a cute comic! it's itty bitty but action packed. take that big thick shiny corporate magazines -- this litte comic is much smaller and way more interesting.
visit ethan's site! slimefactor.tripod.com

s t o l e n . s h a r p i e .
r e v o l u t i o n (second edition)
by alex of brainscan/microcosm + contributors. 1/4 size. 96 pages .three bucks postage paid.

A handy little zine, full of tips + tricks for beginning zinesters to the most seasoned diy-er. copy machine tricks, templates, diy blockprinting, silkscreening, cover ideas, zine etiquette, how to start + run a distro, how to put out a record, a list of distros and links, and much much more. ! very useful, what the little redbook is to maoism, this zine is to, well, zine-ing. weird coincidence that it's also red. this new updated version is a perfect bound book filled with even more information.

undecided # 8 by nicole + contributors full size (8 1/2x11), 30 pgs .one dollar postage paid.

undecided issue eight is a mixture of art, photos, personal journal entries. it contains articles by nicole and contributors writing about the Garbage Liberation Front (dumpster diving yay!), thoughts on compassion, communicationg and cooperation from the hopeless dregs of humanity, interview with 0S101 band from jersey, political writings, making keanu reeves cry, musings, rants, nicole's trip to the bahamas and the tourism and exploitation there...and much more! such an awesome read, really enjoyable, highly recommended for value, content and general awesomeness!

untitled #1 and #2 by maximus .one dollar postage paid.

comic by maximus. an essential to any post modernist hipster etc etc i actually like this comic a lot, truth be told, and i think what seperates this comic from others is a definite intellectual yet cynical feel about it. it's smartass without being arrogant, educated and political without being pedantic, and of course the illustrations are incredible! untitled #2 is a continuation of #1. both are wonderful.

whalebone by evelyn. quarter sized 48 pages .one dollar postage paid.

how to describe it? it's filled with photographs and fragments, short anecdotes described in such lyrical poetic glory. beautiful.