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i n f i l t r a t i o n

The zine about going places where you're not supposed to go. Urban exploration at it's finest. Stories of exploring abandoned missile silos, catacombs, and abandoned degrassi high (issue#9). Issue # 18 takes a look at places visited by the infiltration-ers in the past. check out infiltration.org

nature's milkshake #3 by ethan h-c three bucks postage paid, 2 dollars by hand

pow pow bang bang! yes that is the sound of a crazy robber shoot out in a western movie scene as everyone f i g h t s to get this kickass comic! pages and pages of scratch-your-head-oh-my-god-i-can't-believe-it fun. sexy silkscreened cover, red and orange and yellow, can you take the sweetness of it all!?! for more previews, check out slimefactor.tripod.com click on E-motion yeah

pixystick #1 by leslie a buck postage paid

woot! yeah now this is what i'm talkin about. leslie writes a kickass grrrly zine that is thoughtful and introspective. it talks about her reading beauty magazines (or not reading them), "censorship for girls by girls", her at a s-k (sleater kinney) show, and a bunch of other wicked neat stuff. definitely check this zine out !!!!