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burnt zine (issues 3, 4, and 5) various, editor: franco, one dollar postage paid.

a thoughtful zine put together by a variety of writers. There are articles in here about feminist pornography, race, and lots of record reviews. What's unique about burnt zine is the variety of opinions, the different tones of voice and just the overall coolness of the subject matter.

the cia makes science fiction unexciting by joe biel. one buck postage paid

a zine examining the assasination of martin luther king jr.and the fbi and cia's involvement in it. it provides an alternative view with witnesses that were discredited, disregarded evidence...very informative, very well written !

the cia makes science fiction unexciting .one dollar postage paid. a continuation of the cia makes science fiction unexciting series. this one is about the AIDs virus, the "cures" for AIDS, biological weapons, and the origins of AIDS. very informative !

context by andrew octopus, half size, 27 pages, .one dollar postage paid.

a beautiful artzine filled with cryptic drawings and a few short poems by andrew octopus. it's thoughtful and strange, and paging through it is a combination of discovery and wonder. recommended if you like art a lot, especially conceptual/abstract art.

crowned in the grave by ethan h-c and nate g .twobucks postage paid, one dollar by hand.

a split comic between nate and ethan, with a photocover of maine (one of the BEST New England states ever, yeah I know there's only like 5 of them, shut up) comics of animals, cooking, crazy people and more insanity.

cryptic slaughter by giovanni .one dollar postage paid. quarter sized, 89 pages

cryptic slaughter #27 is a split zine with larceny. on the larceny side, there is shaun's sad tale of his divorce. on the cryptic slaughter side giovanni talks about leading musicians from africa around seattle, as well as the mysterious additives hare krishnas put into their free food + more. giovanni is a fast, relentless, and funny storyteller, making it a funny little zine.

d r u n k
d o g s
by ethan 1/4 size, 20 pages .one dollar postage paid.

HIiiiii-yah! now for some kick ass action -- comics style. color cover (tres snazzy). sticker inside, too! ethan puts the comic in comics...not to mention some weirdness, quirkiness...everything you know you enjoy. awesome work of art, labor of love, fruits of...something. it rocks. (but why would this distro carry anything that doesn't rock?) lovely comic. if i could sum it up with a song lyric, it would be the moldy peaches... "these burgers....are CRRrraaaazzzzyyy..." so get yours today! one dolla make you holla!
visit ethan's site! slimefactor.tripod.com

firewood by Sėne, half size, 24pgs .one dollar postage paid.

the day i received this in the mail i was absolutely floored. this is a stunning zine, aesthetically, verbally, and intellectually. it adds a new approach to the "activism" we always hear about in the lefty political community. there's an article about building your own house/cabin -- something the author has done, complete with pictures, etc, inspiration, along with a thing about protest as a form of expression, an art form. there's an article about the anarchist victory garden which inspired me to go home right after reading it and start on my own backyard garden, even in the cold new england weather! finally, there is this incredibly informative, thought provoking article about land ownership in scotland that brought my attention to an issue that i had heard nothing about. this is such an awesome, awesome zine that is so incredibly unique. even if you aren't the outdoors type, it's really and inspiring, enjoyable read. this zine is highly recommended!

fish with legs by eric, full size, 26 pgs .one dollar postage paid.

eric's zine is yes, text heavy, but the way he writes is artful and funny, personal and at times bashful sounding. a good read about his beantown zinetown experience, and "the greatest stapling/collating tragedy in the history of man" and much more !

heart and crossbones by kristjanne. fifty cents

the only way i can describe this beautiful little zine: so it's three a.m. and i'm pissed off at myself for liking a boy so much, especially when he's really terrible at times, and i'm so alone and i hate how he's distracting me so i take a walk and smoke some cloves and think of something half pretty half ugly. it's all too musical, too bittersweet, the symphony of sighs and longing, of realizing that my frustrations are petty, and that what really matters is how my record player still spins, how it's hypnotic like a beautiful thing of nature. this is the type of feeling i get when i read heart and crossbones. it's also bound together with red thread and pretty and lovely and yesness.